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Throughout my career as an insurance agent, I have consistently emphasized the importance of several values that have contributed to my success. These values include a strong focus on teamwork, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering personalized customer service.

Part of customer service is providing my clients with a clear understanding of what is not covered under their insurance policy. By clearly identifying the limitations of a policy, we gain insights into areas where additional protection may be required or where proactive measures can be taken to enhance overall risk management.

Since I joined the insurance industry in 2002, I’ve earned numerous certifications and consistently held the position of a top-ten agent for four consecutive years. When not working, I enjoy staying active and moving forward.

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Phone Number: (651) 602-5676
Cell Phone Number: (651) 755-4920
Email Address: tims@homeservices-ins.com

What Tim's clients are saying...

"I feel like Tim found me the best rates for my home and auto insurance. Very helpful when I told him about my new roof on getting me a rate adjustment."
- Brenda J.