Severe Storms - Are You Prepared?

July 24, 2020

When severe storms are on the way…are you prepared?

The summer months are times for playing outside, laying by the pool, and yard work.  Unfortunately, they can also bring severe weather including thunderstorms, hail, floods, and tornadoes which can cause considerable damage to your home, care, and property.  Make sure you and your family are prepared for any situation – below are a few tips that can help!

  • Ensure you have adequate coverage and deductibles that are reasonable for your needs
  • Put together an inventory of your home and belongings
  • Check your policy for “loss of use” or “additional expense” coverage to help pay for temporary housing if needed
  • Create and emergency plan including places your family will meet in the event of a severe storm
  • Keep basic supplies on hand like water, food, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio

After the storm, make sure to call your insurance agent as soon as you can to asses any damage.  While staying safe, try to protect your property, salvage what you can, and closely inspect your property and cars for damage.  Take notes and photos of damage to assist in settling claims.

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*Actual coverage is subject to the policy as written.